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Friday, February 24, 2017

Dear Families,

We had a busy morning this morning at JFK! Third Grade lead an amazing All School Morning Meeting. At the end, we had our Hair Reveal for the Big Change Roundup:

Staff Member Total Raised
Angela Moulton $ 21.71
Caitlin Burns $ 23.26
Courtney Bryan $ 689.14
Jacie Knapp $ 30.47
Jessica Perrotte $ 309.19
Josh Neilson $ 80.11
Krista Parisi $ 21.48
Lynn Garcia $ 163.53
Lisa Goetz $ 101.23
Lisa Bushey $ 130.53
Mikaela Bee $ 67.02
Sally Bissonette $ 38.83
Sara Raabe $ 73.75

We raised a total of
$1,750.25! There are pictures on the JFK Facebook page of the Hair Dying before and after. Courtney Bryan, as the winner, dyed all her hair. The rest of us dyed a part of our hair.

Next week is our Winter Vacation. Students have next week off, as well as Monday, March 6th, and Tuesday, March 7th. We will see students back at school on Wednesday, March 8th.

Have a wonderful vacation.

Sara Raabe

JFK Principal