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Fair, and 27 °F | Feb 26th: No School

Friday, February 2, 2018

Dear Families,

Tomorrow is the Everybody Wins! Brunch at Waterworks, 11:30 am – 2 pm. 10% of the sales will benefit the JFK Elementary Everybody Wins! Program. There will be a storytime for kids and families at 1:30 that does not require a purchase. You can come at storytime without having come for brunch. It’ll be in the greenhouse space which is immediately on your left as you come into Waterworks, so a little separate from the main restaurant. Waterworks is going to supply cookies and milk as a snack for children.  DJ Craig Mitchell is excited by the possible Winooski site and will be volunteering his time to read during the storytime. We hope to see families and children at this event!


During the past few weeks, we have been having some problems in the older boy’s bathroom by the 4th and 5th-grade classrooms. In the past two weeks, a toilet paper holder has been broken, a soap dispenser ripped off the wall, and many large messes made that required facilities help in cleaning up. This past week someone went into the bathroom and carved inappropriate words into the plastic stall walls in all the stalls. The facilities crew is doing an amazing job trying to repair the damage, as it would be very expensive to replace all the stalls. Not only are they causing property damage, they are also creating extra work for the adults at school who already have plenty of work to do.  If you have students that use the boy’s bathroom, please have a conversation with them about bathroom use. It is vital that the students be responsible for their own behavior. It is also important that they speak up if they see or hear about someone causing damage to the school. We are one community, and we need to take care of each other, and also hold each other accountable.


The Big Change Roundup is underway! As a school, we have raised $370.42 so far. Here are the individual totals from week 1:

Jacie Knapp – $10.93

Grace Holcomb – $14.95

Kari Bohlen – $15.89

Sara Raabe – $17.01

Amanda Babcock – $23.56

Lynn Garcia – $24.28

Jessica Perrotte – $26.03

Angela Moulton – $28.59

Krista Parisi – $33.12

Sarah Murphy – $48.77

Andy Schlatter – $62.24

Courtney Bryan – $65.05

Keep sending in the change!


Have a great weekend

Sara Raabe

JFK Principal



February 14th – Early Dismissal NO Early Release Activities All students picked up at 12:15

February 26th – March 7th – No School