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Agency of Human Services – Immunization Program

State of Vermont
Department of Health
Immunization Program
108 Cherry Street”“PO Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402-0070
[phone] 802-863-7638
[fax] 802-865-7701

– May 20, 2015





Dear Principal, Headmaster, or Administrator,

Vermont Law requires all students to be immunized, unless exempt, prior to school entry. In 2012, statutory changes were passed that require annual aggregate reporting of immunization data for the entire student body to be made publicly available. The Vermont Department of Health receives population-based immunization information from each Vermont school annually by January 1st and reviews the data to ensure it is accurate.

Enclosed please find 2014-15 immunization rates for your school with a statewide comparison. In order to comply with Vermont law, we ask that you make these rates publicly available.

The Immunization Program will again place 2014-15 school immunization rates for all schools on theHealth Department webpage. We encourage you to provide a link to this data on your school website:

In the 2015 session, legislation was passed that will impact schools in two ways. First, effective July 1,2015, access to the statewide Vermont Immunization Registry will be expanded to include school administrators. Second, effective July 1, 2016, Vermont’s philosophic exemption from school and child care immunizations will be eliminated. The Health Department will provide notification to schools as we proceed in amending the Vermont School Immunization Regulations.

For questions related to compliance with the school immunization law or general vaccine questions
please contact the Immunization Program at
or 1-800-640-4374.

Thank-you for your interest and support in ensuring Vermont children are protected from vaccine
preventable diseases.

christine Finley
Christine Finley
Immunization Program Manager