Winooski School District

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David Muir IV


How many years did you attend Winooski schools?
I attended JFK and WHS for a total of 13 years. And the crazy thing is that I have now worked at JFK for a total of 10 years. I have spent a total of 23 years with the Winooski School District!!!!!!!!

Were there any adults in the Winooski schools that had a really positive impact on you? (teachers, coaches, etc.)
I had so many wonderful teachers and mentors while I attended WHS! Teachers and coaches that really cared about me as a person and not a product. I would need a book to be able to list the wonderful people that molded me into the person that I have become today. Winooski is a small town and you always felt like family walking through the door.

What was your favorite learning experience during your time in the Winooski schools?
The school newspaper was one of my favorite learning experiences while attending WHS. It was a school run newspaper called the Spartan Warrior. The students would work on stories during the week and then submit the stories to our editor, Mr.D! It was a great experience to be part of a newspaper.

Did you feel prepared for college? work/career?
You get what you put into your high school career. When I graduated from WHS, I felt that I was prepared for college and life. The many teachers that I worked with during my high school career made sure that I was prepared and expected a lot from me. They also supported me throughout tough academic and life situations. They were always there to pick you up and dust you off. That was the FAMILY atmosphere that WHS had throughout my career.

Where do/did you got to college? What did you study? Degree?
I attended Johnson State College and Studied Elementary education.

Where do you work? Title/Position? What do you do (job responsibilities)?
I now work for the Winooski School District and teach second grade at JFK. I have taught kindergarten, 1st grade, second grade and a self-contained regular education room. I feel lucky to work at JFK because I actually went to school in the same building as I work in every day. It gives me an understanding of the community and population that most people do not have.

What advice would you give Winooski high school students about college and career if you knew then what you know now?
I would tell them to work hard at whatever they choose to do and NEVER forget where you came from.

What other activities were you involved in during college? Did you try anything new? What did you learn about yourself in college?
I learned that there are many “potholes” in life and you just have to learn to maneuver through them. You have to use family and friends to get through them. You cannot do it alone.

Did you study abroad, travel or have any other experiences since graduating that you would like to share?
I have two wonderful children and an amazing wife that I get to work with every day!