Winooski School District

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Administrative Procedures

Procedure Index


Procedure WSD101 Board Agenda Preparation & Distribution 9/17/14
Procedure WSD102 Job Descriptions 9/17/14
Procedure WSD103 Use of Facilities 7/1/17
Procedure WSD104 Advisory Committee 9/17/14
Procedure WSD105 Public Complaints About Personnel 8/16/04
Procedure WSD106 Retirement Recognition 9/17/14
Procedure WSD108 Financial Obligation Use of Property 3/15/04


Procedure WSD201 Teacher Supervision and Evaluation 11/10/10


Procedure WSD301 Budget Preparation 9/30/15
Procedure WSD302 Budget Publication and Review 9/30/15
Procedure WSD303 Budget Adoption 9/30/15
Procedure WSD304 Budget Transfers 9/30/15
Procedure WSD305 Tuition Waiver of Tuition 9/30/15
Procedure WSD306 Disposition of Excess and/or Obsolete Property 9/30/15
Procedure WSD307 Gifts 9/30/15
Procedure WSD308 Purchasing, Bids and Quotes 9/30/15
Procedure WSD309 Receiving Goods and Payment of Bills 9/30/15
Procedure WSD310 Classification of Expenditures and Revenues 9/30/15
Procedure WSD311 Periodic Financial Reports 9/30/15
Procedure WSD312 Telephones/Cell Phones 8/16/04
Procedure WSD313 Distribution of Keys/Access Cards 9/30/15
Procedure WSD314 Security Cameras 9/30/15
Procedure WSD315 Loan of Equipment 9/30/15
Procedure WSD316 Transporting Students in Private Vehicles 9/30/15
Procedure WSD317 Employee Travel Expenses 9/30/15
Procedure WSD318 Food Service Program 11/12/07
Procedure WSD319 Vending Machines 9/17/14


Procedure WSD401 Recruitment and Selection of Employees 9/17/14
Procedure WSD402 Permanent Staff Positions 1/13/03
Procedure WSD403 Criminal Records Check 8/23/16
Procedure WSD404 Non-District Person Working in the District 3/23/16
Procedure WSD405 Release from Contract 5/12/03
Procedure WSD407 Non-Discrimination-Hiring and Fair Employment 2/10/03
Procedure WSD408 Recruitment and Selection of Classified Staff 9/17/14
Procedure WSD409 Worker’s Compensation 10/13/03
Procedure WSD411 Employee Assistance Program 9/17/14
Procedure WSD412 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan 9/17/14
Procedure WSD414 Environment and Healthy Facilities 10/8/07


Procedure WSD501 Student Possession and Use of Tobacco Products 9/17/14
Procedure WSD502 Search and Seizure 9/17/14
Procedure WSD503 Interrogation or Searches of Students by Law Enforcement Personnel or Other Non-School Personnel 8/15/12
Procedure WSD504 Resident/Non Resident Status 12/12/05
Procedure WSD508 Grading 3/15/04
Procedure WSD509 Interscholastic Athletics and Extra-Curriculur Activities 1/8/07
Procedure WSD510 Dress Code 9/17/14
Procedure WSD511 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting 8/1/16
Procedure WSD512 Immunization 8/15/12
Procedure WSD513 Student Medication 9/17/14
Procedure WSD515 Student Clubs and Activities (Secondary) 11/11/02


Procedure WSD601 Emergency Closing of Schools 9/17/14
Procedure WSD603 Patriotic Exercises 9/17/14
Procedure WSD604 Scholarship Selection 10/11/04
Procedure WSD607 Controversial Issues 3/15/04
Procedure WSD608 Student Publications 11/11/02
Procedure WSD609 Field Trips 9/20/16
Procedure WSD610 Early Childhood Program Enrollment 3/15/04
Procedure WSD611 Distance Learning 5/12/03
Procedure WSD612 International Exchange Students 4/3/06


Procedure WSD801 Policy Development 10/10/05
Procedure WSD802 Media Relations 7/27/11