Winooski School District

Fair, and 27 °F | Feb 26th: No School

Eddie L. & Destiny S.

Today’s WMHS GX Champ…
Nominated by Courtney Poquette
For the Critical Thinking GX
In the dimension of Reflection, Evaluation, and Revision
Is… Eddie Lamsen and Destiny Syrahaj

Destiny & Eddy worked as a team & used a lot of Persistence to complete a Sports Simulation. Using their knowledge they made a profit of 3 million dollars in the 1st season, which was short of the 5 million goal. They ran through a 2nd season as they worked together to analyze the data, used mathematical reasoning & determined areas where they could increase their profitability. Before they had finished the 2nd season they had met their goal & accumulated almost 10 million dollars. This is a task only one other student has successfully completed. They should be proud of their hard work.