Winooski School District

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Eh Man & Austin Mitchell

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
Eh Man and Austin Mitchell
Nominated by Matt Webb
For the EOWC GX
In the dimension of Speech: Visual

Since partnering up to work on video production, Eh Man and Austin have been two of the most self-motivated and self-directed students in the iLab. At the last community meeting, we saw their interviews of students and teachers about life at WHS. Through the video, they demonstrated outstanding use of visual supports to convey their message. With physical and verbal humor, interesting visual perspectives, great timing, and baller* visual and audio effects, they created a riveting portrait of what Winooski High School is all about, toilet paper and all.

Congratulations to this very dynamic duo, Austin and Eh Man! (((*KG/LW note: I quintuple checked the etymology for appropriateness – baller comes from basketball/baseball. As one Urban Dictionary definition said, “The act of being fly.”)))

Congratulations to Austin and Eh Man and all of today’s GX nominees!