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Ghana Rimal

Ghana Rimal I like new books about science and mathematics. I always spend my free time trekking in wild places. I want to be a good human being but not great. Hopefully in the near future I will be teaching somewhere in Vermont.

Education and Professional Experiences
My educational journey started at Goshi Junior High School in Bhutan. In 1992 our family became refugees and I got the opportunity to continue my education in the refugee camp. I completed my secondary level/high school at New Horizon Academy which is still running in Sanischare Refugee Camp in Nepal. After that I went to Tribhuwan University of Nepal for bachelor degree in Mathematics and English Literature. Along with my studying, I started teaching mathematics to high school students. I was not satisfied so continuing education was the only option with me. I joined a Degree College majoring in Mathematics but before I finished I was resettled in Vermont. Hopefully I will be able to get my degree in near future.

What has been your greatest learning experience? (in or out of school)
I learned how to live happy in any circumstances no matter how difficult the situation from my father and eldest brother. They did everything for my family. They taught me never to give up. I learned that my day will come sooner or later, and just to wait and continue working hard.

Who do you admire and why?
My father and eldest brother taught me not only few topics but all important topics to live. Institutional education will give me the skills to work but their teaching gave me the ability to live in the entire Universe in any circumstances. I will always learn from them as they are an open book like our Mother Nature.

What do you love about your current WSD position and the WSD community?
I love working with people from around the world. Winooski is another world with people from everywhere. It is difficult to sit back and see what other is teaching but I learned to do I am suppose to. I am always grateful and love what I have.