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Global Science Class

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day has been…

Nominated by Kirsten Kollgaard and the school district administrators
For the CTPS GX
In the dimension of Inquiry.
And the GX Champ is Hau Duong, Taylor Langlais, and Ayub Nur: The Global Science students

Mr. McNally’s Global Science class has been doing some amazing research on the Winooski School District’s carbon footprint, the implications of it and how to potentially reduce it. During their presentation they discussed what they have learned, and shared more questions they would like to answer including possible next steps for lowering the district’s carbon footprint over the coming years. They are asking big questions and laying the groundwork for inquirying Winooski minds to develop solutions to these worldwide challenges.

Congratulations to (GXChamp) and all of today’s GX nominees!