Winooski School District

Fair, and 16 °F | Jan 18th: Green Day

Grace C. & Alaynah C.

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day …
Was nominated by Sean McMannon
For the CTPS GX
In the dimension of Inquiry.
…And today’s Champ is Grace Chadwich and Alaynah Charbonneau

Grace & Alaynah rocked #CTPS by shifting their theme study from slavery to girl’s equality issues. They focused on the dimension of #Inquiry by designing “Girl Inspiration Day!” with @saintmichaels Professor Maya Bhave. This special day for JFK 5th grade girls instilled the belief that girls should dream big, be proud of themselves and work to build a caring community that values everyone! We thank you for your outstanding leadership and encourage you to continue your important work!

Congratulations Alaynah and Grace, today’s GX Champs!