Winooski School District

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Welcome to the JFK English Language Learners Webpage!

Our room is always busy and filled with engaged English
language learners from all over the world. Please stop by
and visit our friendly staff of teachers and liaisons.

Voicemail: 383-6074

Dalib Bulle has been in the Winooski School District since August of 2004 working with ELL kids, translating school documents and interpreting for parent teacher conferences. He loves to work with kids and families and that is why he loves the job.

Nancy Devost has been teaching English as a second language at JFK for ten years. She finds her work with our ELLs very rewarding and she loves introducing students to new opportunities and experiences.

Htar Htar is a Burmese Home School Liaison. She loves being a liaison and thinks that it is an opportunity for her to expand her knowledge about ELL, ESL, children, families and school in general, which is essential for building an efficient community in the near future in Winooski, Vermont.

Kirsten Kollgaard has been teaching ESL at JFK for two years and enjoys working with students and families from all over the world. As a resident of Winooski, she likes being able to work in her own community and get to know her neighbors.

Puspa Luitel has been working as a home school liaison for the Winooski School District interpreting and translating for Bhutanese students and their families since 2009. He loves to help children and families and he enjoys working with them.

Lan Nguyen has been working as a Vietnamese Home Liaison in Winooski School District for six years now. She loves to work with ELL kids and provides them with math support. It is very rewarding and gratifying to see ELL kids gain more confidence and fluency in their math skills.

Jean Plasse has been at JFK since 2007 and really enjoys working with Kindergarteners and 3rd graders. In her free time she enjoys playing with her son, playing music and crafting.