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Marcy Edelstein

marcy-edelsteinMarcy Edelstein studied theater arts education at Johnson State College and is currently enrolled in the M.Ed Special Education program at St. Michael’s College. Next year she looks forward to completing her student teaching for special education within our school district. Her roles at WSD include Speech and Language Assistant for grades 3-12 and Drama Assistant and Lighting Designer for all of WSD’s theater productions.

She loves WSD because she has the unique pleasure to collaborate with classroom teachers, special education teachers and support staff to best meet the needs of our shared students. Marcy says “Using Google docs I get to create worksheets and visual prompts or checklists to aid students in their learning. I also work very hard to continue my own learning of assistive technology and utilize it’s many benefits in my teaching.”

Her background and love of theater allows her to be a part of the Vermont theater community. Marcy has directed and acted with Essex Community Players and Lamoille County Players, taught classes at the Flynn Center and River Arts, and is a regular audience member at many community theater productions. Also, she enjoys the many outdoor activities that Vermont has to offer, such as hiking, biking, and snowshoeing.In addition, she loves to cook with the seasonal and local products that can be found at Vermont’s wonderful farmer’s markets.

Marcy’s greatest recent learning experience was going to UVM’s VT Assistive Technology (AT) Swap Center and delving into the many areas of both high and low tech AT. Marcy says “Something as simple as a cardboard box can be turned into a highly structured and organized communication tool or using a bit of Guerrilla Glue to turn a jar into an easy to use dice holder. The high tech options are amazing as well, such as a phone that recognizes speech and relays the words on a screen for an individual with a hearing impairment to use, or an iPad which has thousands of apps to be utilized for education and adaptability.”

She feels like the community at WSD is so supportive. Walking through the halls at JFK with a classroom can elicit positive responses from other teachers using the social thinking curriculum which reinforces the mindset to students that when our positive behaviors are observed in positive ways we feel positive about ourselves. Marcy explained “The JFK teachers also include the support staff in their daily learning goals which enables staff to provide accessible learning opportunities for all students. The MS and HS staff has shown great backing in both my push-in and pull-out sessions with students receiving speech and language support. If I am in a classroom the teachers always include me as another educator and will often send students with classroom work so that I can offer cross-curricular educational assistance.”

Thanks to Marcy for her dedication to WSD students in so many creative ways! We are lucky to have such a caring and talented professional working with our children!