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Matt Dimasi


How many years did you attend Winooski schools?

4 years and I loved all of them

Were there any adults in the Winooski schools that had a really positive impact on you? (teachers, coaches, etc.)

There were a lot, and it really comes to the interaction between the student and the teacher or the coach, etc… and for me, I can only list some of them that helped out while I was at Winooski because Ms. Townsend and Lawson have been incredible after cancer diagnosis.

This is about my time at WHS though, and there were really almost too many to talk about because I was involved in a lot of things, but the biggest supporters were Ms. Mander-Adams because she really helped me improve my confidence and singing skill and the same thing goes with Coach Payton for soccer and Ms. Townsend for French respectively.

One of the other teachers who has done a lot for me is Mr. Litterer. He helped get me ready for college-level writing and to realize that I LOVE WRITING!

What was your favorite learning experience during your time in the Winooski schools?

There were way too many, but I did love my musical experience with the All-State Music Festivals. I felt like I was getting a better understanding of the ways that larger choruses operate and the same thing goes for college-level music.

Did you feel prepared for college? work/career?

Yes and No. I definitely felt like I was ready academically, but I wasn”t taught that sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and pretend that you”re okay with certain things or people.

Where do/did you got to college? What did you study? Degree?

I went to a lot of different schools and I have studied a lot of different things. I started with a political science type of degree while I was looking to work for the U.N. and/or volunteer with UNICEF or the American Red Cross and I started going to Clarkson. I hated it there, failed, and came back and did a year at CCV in Winooski. Then I went to Green Mountain College and I liked everything there except the financial aid. Then (luckily to avoid huge student loan) I was diagnosed with cancer, I got treatment, took another semester off, went to CCV for another three semesters hoping to get a basic Liberal Arts degree this semester.

I also had a realization that I love working with computers. In the past, I have done work as an IT professional, and I already knew that I would transfer to UVM, but I didn”t know the degree, but after that realization, I decided on a degree in Computer Sciences

Where do you work? Title/Position? What do you do (job responsibilities)?

I can”t work right now because most employers are worried about my balance issues, but I am working with VOC rehabilitation to find a job where I can do IT related things and possibly pc repairs.

What advice would you give Winooski high school students about college and career if you knew then what you know now?

I have said this in panels before, but do things that you love. I started at Clarkson and basically failed because I wasn”t involved in many things

What other activites were you involved in during college? Did you try anything new? What did you learn about yourself in college?

In chronological order, I did cross-country and that was kind of new (I had run before, but not x-country style), then nothing at CCV because they don”t have clubs, chorus and select-choir at Green Mountain College as well as Varsity Soccer.

I also had never played any lacrosse before, but my brother was on the team and the coach was willing to let people use most everything to try and get new people. I tried it and didn”t like it. It doesn”t help that I slipped on a wet floor and got hurt early on.

Did you study abroad, travel or have any other experiences since graduating that you would like to share?

I haven”t been abroad yet, but I am now a published author. I was able to publish the book that I wrote about my experience with cancer for free. By the way, it is available at Amazon in kindle and print forms