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Student Corner

Community Based Problem Solving

Alexander-Do-blogAlexander Do’s Blog

Hi my name is Alexander Do, though most call me Alex. I love to do work that is cool and NOT boring.

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Omar-Hussein-blogOmar Hussein’s Blog

Hello my name is Omar Hussein. I enjoy getting work done early so I don’t have to worry about it the next day.

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Oliver-Enwa-blogOliver Enwa’s Blog

Hi My name is Olivier Enwa. I enjoy playing soccer and eating hot meals.

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Bailey-Miller-blogBailey Miller’s Blog

My name is Bailey Miller. I enjoy playing sports.

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Anab-Mohamed-blogAnab Mohamed’s Blog

My name is Anab Mohamed. I enjoy taking long naps.

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Nafisa-Mohamed-blogNafisa Mohamed’s Blog

Hello my name is Nafisa Mohamed. On my free time I like to sew, cook, and eating many different foods. Now I want to make a change in the school. Many students come in late because they need to help out their families in the morning. So I think it would be beneficial for school to start later.

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Zeneth-Nheb-blogZeneth Nheb’s Blog

My names Zeneth Nheb and I’m just an ordinary sophomore at Winooski High School trying to make a change.

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Pascal-Siki-blogPascal Siki’s Blog

Hi my name is Pascal Siki. I like to make changes & defend that’s why I’m strong defender in soccer but I don’t play for a team. I’m also a trilingual. So I can think, speak, write, and hear in three different languages.

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Writing Seminar: Food Culture

Rainbow-Chen-blogRainbow Chen’s Blog

​Rainbow is a dorky 16-year old junior at Winooski High School who loves music, videogames, and technology. Rainbow often takes academics too seriously and can sometimes can’t catch her breath, but she will slow down to write from time to time (especially when Mr. Litt forces her too). Although she doesn’t always enjoy writing, she loves to recall memories and write about them, especially with food in context.

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Tatum-MacBride-blogTatum MacBride’s Blog

Hello! I love brownies and nachos (not mixed together though!) I am currently a junior at WHS, and I just moved to Winooski from Burlington. I love youth activism and am currently creating my own activism blog. This semester I will be uploading works I’ve created in my Food Writing course where I have begun to use the lens of food to interpret my family and inner self. With the use of food anyone will be able to relate to my stories however wild they may seem!

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Justice-Palmer-blogJustice Palmer’s Blog

Hi, I am Justice Palmer. I am from Vermont and this blog will be the work I do in my Food and Cultures writing class. I really enjoy food and thought it would be interesting to write and take a class about it. Please do not make Justice jokes or you will be blocked.

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Chanda-Pringle-blogChanda Pringle’s Blog

My name is Chanda. Yah, I know you can’t say my name properly. If you can, props to you. I’m 17 and am writing a blog about food for my food writing class. I love eating new things and can’t wait to share all of it on my blog. Till next time and eat your vegetables.

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