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Faculty learn from Modern Mindfulness training

This school year, students may notice more teachers across the school district are engaging with them in mindfulness activities.

Last year, several JFK Elementary teachers used a mindfulness curriculum in their classrooms through a program called Modern Mindfulness. The program teaches young people the skills of focus and relaxation in order to improve social, emotional, and academic skills. Modern Mindfulness includes five-­minute mindfulness exercises which help students to build these important skills and get them ready for learning.

The teachers found that this program helped the students be able to calm themselves in challenging situations and decrease distracting behavior in the classroom. Students shared that their own ability to cooperate with others greatly improved since using mindfulness.

Leaders from Modern Mindfulness returned during faculty pre-service to offer training to more teachers across the district in the Modern Mindfulness program. You can visit the Modern Mindfulness website at to learn more about the program, and even try it out at home!