Winooski School District

Partly Cloudy, and 41 °F | Jan 22nd: Green Day

Reading/Composition Class

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
The White 2 Reading and Composition Class:

  • Sujan Acharya
  • Oo Mai Be
  • Renuka Bhattara
  • Dhan Dhamala
  • Olivier Enwa
  • Kinzang Gurung
  • Thong Nguyen (Key)
  • Ro Ze Yar

Nominated by Bill Clark
For the EOWC GX
In the dimension of Writing: Evidence and Analysis

Mr. Clark’s Reading & Composition class wrote and spoke about the Great Depression in an iSearch project that explored themes in Christopher Paul Curtis’s book, Bud, Not Buddy. The students” writing and presentations included in-depth summaries of Big Bands, the Hoover Dam, jazz music, and the stock market.

Each student showed a depth of understanding that could only come from research. They exhibited significant learning and supplemented their presentations with vivid graphics and toe-tapping music. I learned a lot simply by watching and listening to their interpretations. These students all did a masterful job!

Congratulations to Reading & Composition students, and each of today’s GX nominees!