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Riziki Numbe

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
Riziki Numbe
Nominated by Matt Webb
For the EOWC GX
In the dimension of Speech: Presentation

It has been wonderful watching Riziki become more confident as she has developed her iLab project on dance. You may have seen her by a computer in the library practicing her dance moves. For her final presentation, Zeze demonstrated her knowledge and passion while using great voice and organization in her project. This summer, she’ll be working on Zumba at the Y, and next year, her goal is to begin creating a multicultural and hip-hop dance team for Winooski High School. Wonderful job, Riziki!

Congratulations Riziki! And congratulations to all of this year’s Champs, and each student who has been nominated for championing our GX’s throughout this school year! Keep developing these valuable skills!