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Barbara Crandall

Barbara Crandall
Room 22
Art K-6
Voicemail: 383-6044

In the art room at JFK Elementary School, grades K through 5 (and middle school grade 6) students learn about art elements and design principles. Problem solving skills are developed by experimenting with a variety of media . Here, creativity creates its own language and fun.

Monthly Parent Information

Welcome to our monthly news for the Art Classes at J.F.K. Elementary School.
This month in art we are exploring how artists use LINE in their artwork.

Grades Kindergarten and one are exploring the use of line variety. We are practicing many different lines and are experimenting with marker, paint, crayon pencil and oil pastel to make those lines.
Grades two are using line variety to express optical illusions.

Grade three is studying the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s paintings are famous for the texture and brush lines. Student artists will be creating a painting of their own that reflects Van Gogh’s influence.

Grade four and five are currently exploring the use of line in cellophane prints. We are building portfolios from these lovely line textured papers.
Whew! There sure are lots of lines in the elementary classrooms!
Please remember to send an old shirt or smock with your student to protect their clothing and to check out the elementary art showcase currently featuring (you got it) LINE PAINTINGS created by Mrs. Thompson’s first grade.

And don’t forget, lines are everywhere.