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Jessica Bruce

Jessica Bruce Profile PictureJessica Bruce
Room 214 Family Photo
Fine Arts Teacher, Grades 7-12,
Read180 Intervention
Telephone: 802-655-3530 ext. 6191

I have been teaching at Winooski Middle/High School since 2011.

I became an ART teacher because I value how important the ARTS are in our everyday lives, in subtle and more obvious ways. I appreciate the experiences I have with students when something comes to light inside them creatively. I really enjoy using art and creativity across multiple curricula and embrace any crossover of creative thinking through the ARTS that pushes the envelope of a norm. Students teach me more than I teach them … and we are always learning as beings, co-existing here on earth.

I also teach Read180 Intervention, a Scholastic reading program.

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  • Chittenden County Supervisory Union –
    Teacher Apprenticeship Program
  • Herron School of Art and Design –
    Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis
  • BFA in Visual Communication
  • Champlain College
    Graphic Design
  • Burlington Technical Center
    Design and Illustration

Work Experience:

  • Summit Street School
    Student Teacher
    Essex, VT | 2010-2011
  • Fletcher Elementary School
    Student Teacher
    Essex, VT | 2010-2011
  • Essex High School
    Student Teacher
    Essex, VT | 2010-2011
  • National Life Group
    Montpelier, VT
    Graphic Designer
  • Young Rembrandt’s Afterschool Art Program
    K-3rd grade Art Instruction
  • New Breed Marketing
    Winooski, VT
    Graphic Designer
  • Herron School of Art and Design
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Designer/Professional Practice