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Art 1 :: Full Year
Students will learn the Elements of Art and the Principles ofDesign through practice, projects, and research. More specifically, studentswill have many learning opportunities using patterns, shading and light valuestudies, perspective, sculpture, drawing, painting, pen and ink, typography,portraiture and landscapes, etc.

Sketchbooks are kept for practice, homework assignments, andproject progress. Projects will range from short 1-week long, to more in-depth2-3 week long units, focusing on exploration, skill building, and critiquing ofmasters and own works for comparison and further learning.

Middle School Art :: 1 Quarter Year
Students will learn about the Elements of Art and the Principles ofDesign through various individual and partner/group projects.

Students will have ‘Do Now’s when they enter the Art room everyday, which pertain to the day’s content, or act as a review of content learned thus far. Homework assignments will be given, and students will be required to follow school rules and rules of the art room:

1. Have Respect (for selves, others, and materials)
2. Be Responsible (for own actions, clean up, and behavior)
3. Have Bravery (there are no wrong answers, participate in class discussions and activities, etc.)

Painting :: Full Year
Students will review the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design through practice and projects. Collaborative paintings will be created,ensuring a sense of community within the classroom. New techniques will be introduced to address skills for transferring images, varied painting techniques, and student exploration and discovery. Much emphasis will be laid on student motivation and dedication for the completion of assignments within the timeline of a unit.

Materials will range from stretched canvases, to canvas boards,illustration/cold press boards, wood panels, and so on. Students will create some great original works, as well as individual and group depictions of classics.

**Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art 1, offered EVERY OTHER year**

Visual Communication :: Full Year
Visual Communication is an exploration into an idea that visual messages with text have the greatest power to inform, educate and persuade. In this course, students will discover why some images are remembered, valued, and set in the subconscious. Students will use methods in photography, digital image manipulation, typography, design layout, product marketing, event planning materials, and more. Students will also layout and design the school yearbook.

**Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art 1, class size is limited to 12 students**