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Lisa Goetz

Lisa Goetz
Room 15
Grade 3

“The World is our Classroom!”

Welcome to Room 15!

There is a lot of talk about “lifelong learners.” For me, learning IS life. I believe that innate curiosity and the desire to understand our world and the people in it are the key elements that drive human development. More importantly, I believe that these traits are the source of peace and contentment – both within ourselves and among each other. I also believe that knowledge is power. My goal is to provide whenever possible – tangible, real-world opportunities for my students to learn how to interact with their environment in ways that will translate to the adult world they will one day inherit.

I have very high expectations of both myself and my students. Because I know we can do it, and we will all be our best and our happiest for having achieved what we are capable of doing.

In terms of behavior management, I also believe in real world experiences. There are consequences for behaviors – positive and negative – in the real world, and my classroom mirrors that model.

I’ve learned a lot about how to shape the miniature community that is my classroom from geese! Geese fly extraordinary distances because they fly in a V-formation, each one riding on the draft of the bird in front. Geese, like people, are social creatures that need one another to survive and to thrive. My classroom is an environment where the success of individuals is enhanced by the success of the group, and where the burden of challenges are shared by all, so all can learn the very important lessons of overcoming obstacles.

Welcome to third grade in Lisa Goetz’s classroom! It’s going to be a spectacular year for all of us! I have so many exciting things planned for the children! Stay tuned…

Cool Websites

  • Study Island is a place for students to practice 3rd grade reading and math skills.  The activities that the children will complete are similar to questions on the NECAP tests.  Study Island also features learning games.
  • Eduplace is an interactive Website for students to practice science skills.
  • Pop the Balloon is an interactive game for students to practice their math facts.
  • Addition Attack is an interactive game where students add single and double digit numbers.



Our class made this mission statement together.


Please enter our classroom with a happy heart!