Winooski School District

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Student Council

Still going strong in Student Council! 
As the year has came passed the halfway marking point, Student Council’s events have kept going. The action groups are still in effect and are being maintained¬† on a daily basis. Events like the Student Faculty Basketball game was recently planned by Student Council. Spirit Week was also put together in attempts to bring us together as a school. The next step is for us to plan the spring fling activity day with lunch served for all students. What an amazing year it has been so far!


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  • Email
  • Voicebox
  • Electronic Message Board
  • Community Meeting Planners
  • Calendar Crew
  • Winooski Bulletin Board
  • School Board Representatives
  • Newsletter Update
  • Student/Faculty Soccer Game
  • Mr. Blanchard Tech Policy
  • Light Bulb Fundraiser
  • Fundraisers (in general)
  • Videos
  • Recycling Programs

–>If you have any questions you can contact Ms. Poquette, Rebecca Spittle, Ms. Greene, or at the Student Council email: