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Publicly Funded Pre-Kindergarten Act 166


The Winooski School District supports: Act 166 Publicly Funded Prekindergarten for children between the ages of 3 and 5 who reside in the town of Winooski, Vermont

Complete an application for the 2016-2017 school year

What is publicly funded prekindergarten education?
Publicly funded prekindergarten education is defined as:
Ten hours per week for 35 weeks of developmentally appropriate learning experiences that are based on Vermont’s Early Learning Standards. Children who reside in Winooski and are between the ages of three – five are eligible. Prekindergarten education is limited to the academic year (September 2016 – June 2017).

Where are these publicly funded pre-kindergarten programs?

The Winooski School District’s publicly funded pre-kindergarten programs are located in community private early care and education programs that meet specific quality standards. The community early care and education programs that Winooski School District currently partners with are:

  • Trinity Children’s Center -656-5026
  • Lund Early Childhood Education Program -864-7467
  • Fletcher Allen Y’s Time (located in Winooski) -338-9208
  • Greater Burlington YMCA Preschool -862-8993 x148
  • The Children’s School -862-2772
  • Stepping Stones Children’s Center -860-1915
  • Burlington Children’s Space -658-1500 x13
  • Robin’s Nest -864-8191
  • Pine Forest Children’s Center -651-9455
  • Williston Enrichment Center -846-9402
  • The Schoolhouse -658-4164
  • The Bellwether School -863-4839
  • UVM Campus Children’s Center -656-2091
  • Adventures in Early Learning -985-9025
  • Heartworks -651-9343
  • VNA Family Room -777-8447
  • Lake Champlain Waldorf School -985-2827
  • Kid Logic Learning -660-3600
  • Children’s Preschool and Enrichment Center -878-1060
  • Green Mountain Montessori School -879-9114
  • Early Learning Center at Saint Michael’s College -654-2650
  • Little One’s University -872-7444
  • Kids & Fitness Williston -864-5351
  • Little Feats Childcare & Preschool -238-1019
  • E.J.’s Kids Klub -860-1151
  • Early Learning Center Head Start (located at Winooski School District) -651-4180 x204
  • Winooski Early Childhood Program (located at Winooski School District) -383-6063
  • The Winooski Family Center (located at Elm Street, Winooski) -655-1422

Is this 10 hour/week pre-kindergarten program tuition free?
The prekindergarten program offered in the public school is tuition free. The prekindergarten program offered through a partner program may charge families the difference between the actual costs of providing the 10 hour pre-kindergarten program and what the Winooski School District pays. Your child’s preschool must deduct these public funds from your annual tuition bill. Families would continue to be charged fully for the care and education program the child needs beyond the 10 hours/week during the academic year.

Is my child eligible for publicly funded prekindergarten?
If your child is 3 years old by September 1, 2016 and resides in Winooski, then your child is eligible to participate.

How much will Winooski School District pay?
A statewide rate of $3,092.00 per child was established by the Agency of Education. This covers 10 hours per week of high quality prekindergarten education for 35 weeks.

How do I apply?
Application forms may be picked up in the support services offices within the Winooski School District or printed off of the Winooski School District website (under Support Services, Pre-Kindergarten link).

Please return applications to Sandy Castle at the Winooski School District support services office at 60 Normand St. Winooski VT, 05404.
Please contact Maybeline Lopez at 802-383-6063 with any questions.