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Child Find Procedures

Winooski public schools is required by federal law to locate, identify, and evaluate any child ages 3 and up who may require special education and related services in order to access and benefit from public education.

The federal special education regulations define a child with a disability as a child having an intellectual disability; a hearing impairment including deafness; a speech or language impairment; a visual impairment including blindness; emotional disturbance; an orthopedic impairment; autism; traumatic brain injury; a health impairment; a specific learning disability; deaf blindness; or multiple disabilities, and who requires specialized instruction or related services.

If you know of a child who resides in the city of Winooski who might have a disability as described, please contact the principal of your school, or contact the Director of Support Services, at 383-6085.

Evaluations will be conducted in accordance with the procedures described in Section 300.530-300.535 of the Federal Regulations for Special Education and in accordance with the State Rules for Special Education outlining the procedures for special education evaluations.


Public Service Announcement
Winooski School District

Winooski, VT

The Winooski School District is interested in locating preschool age children (birth to 5 years) who live in the city of Winooski, who show a developmental delay in the areas of speech/language social adjustment, adaptive behavior, self-care, gross/fine motor coordination and cognitive development.

If you know of such a child between the ages of birth to 5 years, please contact Maybeline Lopez, Early Childhood Special Educator, at the Winooski School District.  She can be reached at 383-6063.

The Winooski School District is also interested in locating all school age children/adolescents with disabilities in Winooski, who are not currently attending school, are attending a private school by parent choice or are being home-schooled.  If you know of such a child/adolescent, please call Robin Hood, Director of Support Services at Winooski School District at 383-6085.