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Tooth Tutor Program

Vermont’s Tooth Tutor Program helps to insure that every student has access to dental care.  This includes preventative, restorative and continuous care in a dental office.  The Tooth Tutor assists families who currently do not have a dentist to find a dental home for their child/children and provides free dental screenings to these children upon request.  (Students are expected to keep all appointments and cancel at least 24 hours prior to their appointment if a conflict arises.)

Vermont Dental Care now offers a ride program for dental appointments!

All children who are Winooski School District students, or siblings of students, are welcome.  To qualify you must be enrolled in Medicaid, Dr. Dynasaur, AND have not been seen by a dentist in the past year.  If you are low-income and uninsured, Vermont Dental Care will help you meet with their Eligibility Services staff to apply for programs or their reduced Fee Program.

It’s easy.  Just fill out a registration form (one for each child), sign it, and send it back to the Health Office at school.  Registration forms can be obtain in the Health Office or at Vermont Dental.

Once your child is signed up, the school and Vermont Dental Care will take care of everything else.  Transportation is provided by SSTA.  They will pick your child up at school, bring them to their dental appointment and then safely return them back to school after their appointment is complete.

For more information contact me, one of the nurses, or call Vermont Dental at 655-2385.

Ms. Polson, our Tooth Tutor,  graduated from Tunxis Technical College/UConn with a degree in Dental Hygiene and a degree in Computer Information Services in 1995.  Ms. Polson has been working in private practice since 1995.  She also works as a Tooth Tutor Dental Hygienist for the Burlington School and Winooski School Districts.  She has been a Tooth Tutor since 2002.

When she is not working, she likes to hike, boat, ski and spend time with her family and pets.