Winooski School District

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Winooski Family Center

About the Winooski Family Center

The Winooski Family Center provides a safe, nurturing environment where Winooski families and preschool children receive basic, educational and social support they need to strengthen their families and so that children have the nurturing environments they need to be successful in school and prepared for a fulfilling life

When needed, we help families access social and heath related services and support; learn to foster healthy child and adult development; and build critical community connections with their neighbors. All programs offered at the Winooski Family Center are free to participants. The goal is to give each member of the family the support they need to assure that every child, birth through five years, has a healthy start in life.

What does the preschool program offer?

Our program strives to provide maximum opportunities for each child to develop his/her potential: social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual. Our program is based primarily on play oriented activities with a large emphasis on social and emotional growth and development. During “center time” children choose from arts and crafts, sensory activities, manipulatives, literacy related activities, dramatic play, fine and gross motor activities and much more.  Activities and themes rotate regularly and are influenced by child interest and family ideas.  Parents or other family members with a special interest or talent are encouraged to enrich our class whenever they can.


We offer preschool Monday through Friday from 8-2pm and follow the WSD calendar.

Location: 87 Elm Street, Winooski
Telephone: 802-655-1422