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Taylen Bennett

Today’s WMHS GX Champ…
Nominated by Bret Kernoff
For the Critical Thinking GX
In the dimension of Investigation
Is… Taylen Bennett

Taylen investigated the position of being in favor of the death penalty. Though a combination of independent research and guided support, he was able to express 3 reasons in support of the death penalty as well as 3 details for each reason. This type of in depth research is remarkable for a 6th grader. We can’t wait to see, when Taylen must formulate reasons against the death penalty to anticipate what his opponent may argue in a debate. Great work Taylen!

Congratulation Taylen! I know all of you are preparing for your GX presentation and speech for JanPo next week, and look forward to new nominations as students champion the GXs in the coming days!