Winooski School District

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The VSBA Award for Exceptional School Board Leadership


The Vermont School Boards Association is pleased to announce the recipient of the Award for Exceptional Board Leadership, which recognizes the exemplary work of a school board in the State of Vermont. The VSBA Board of Directors has selected the Winooski School Board to receive the 2014 VSBA Award for Exceptional School Board Leadership.

Vermont has nearly 300 elected boards that oversee the system of public education. The Award for Exceptional Board Leadership is a means of recognizing the contributions of a particular board. It is also a way to recognize all of the hard work done by citizen representatives who serve throughout the state.

The Award was granted based on evidence that the board:

  • Contributes to the well-being of students
  • Contributes to the effective and efficient operation of the education system it oversees
  • Enhances the cause of public education in Vermont
  • Consistently demonstrates an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a school board relative to administrators, teachers, and citizens
  • Consistently demonstrates effective and ethical operations as a board
  • Nominations for the Award come from board members, citizens and/or school administrators.

The Winooski School Board was recognized as a result of its great work in developing a Policy Governance approach to its work, a strong focus on transitioning the education system to a greater focus on student proficiency, and its strong partnership with the superintendent in supporting transformative educational practices.

The following are excerpts from the nomination materials submitted for the Winooski School Board.

  • “The Winooski school board has embraced leadership in their role of governing with excellence, working for the future and keeping students at the center. The citizenry of Winooski should be very proud of the school board for stepping up to meet the challenges of governing the education of our diverse and complex student population.”
  • “The Winooski School Board has supported the change to a Proficiency -Based system. This effort included collaborative work with parents and community members in the development of our Graduation Expectations . . . Making a change such as this is scary and unsettling, yet necessary for all stakeholders.”
  • “Over the last several years, the City and School governing bodies have worked together to deliver effective and efficient ways to meet outcomes that are mutually beneficial to Winooski’s children and citizens.”

Steve Dale, Executive Director of the Vermont School Boards Association commented, “The Winooski School Board is a great example of a board which has turned itself around in a fairly short time period, has attracted and retained strong executive leadership, and has provided leadership and support for a rapidly improving school district.”