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Wellness Lessons for 4th/5th Graders

Throughout the rest of the year, wellness professionals from Marathon Health will be leading offering health-related learning activities for our 4th and 5th Grade students. These fun, interactive sessions will be held in designated classrooms on Delayed Start days from 8:00am ““ 8:40am.

The first session will be held on Wednesday, January 14th. January’s topic will introduce the students to wellness with a fitness theme and how to stay active during the winter months. Students will participate in activities and games lead by Marathon Health volunteers and learn how to include wellness in their lives.

4th/5th Grade Wellness Learning Activities with Marathon Health
When: Delayed Start days from 8:00am ““ 8:40am
Dates and Topics:
January 14: Wellness and Fitness
February 18: Staying Well and Taking Care of Yourself
March 18: Nutrition and Hydration
May 20: Safety

Marathon Health is a Winooski-based company that focuses on helping people live healthier lives.