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Winooski City Council and School Practicing Mindfulness

Last night, students from Winooski schools led both the School Board and the City Council meetings in a mindfulness practice before the start of their meetings. Fox 44 was on hand at the City Council meeting to report (news link here).

These practices are a part of the Mindful City Project, an initiative that began last year in JFK Elementary school. This year, it has expanded to the Winooski Middle and High Schools, and in January will continue beyond into our community, including residents, the police force and others that work in Winooski businesses. More information about the Mindful City Project can be found in the December issue of the Winooski District Newsletter.

The goals of the Mindful City Project are to increase student engagement and learning, make mindfulness a transformational force in Winooski, and create a model that can be replicated in other communities. For more information, go to