Winooski School District

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Yoga Classes in Winooski Schools

Along with mindfulness, students and teachers in Winooski schools are also participating in movement activities in school. One movement that many are doing is yoga. Here are some of the ways yoga is used in our schools:

  • As a part of the after-school program, Ms. Bryan offers yoga once a week to students in K-2. A recent WCAX news broadcast highlighted this program.
  • All students in the first grade have learned in-classroom stretch breaks based on some creative yoga poses and songs. Students also practice breathing techniques that help them regulate their bodies and minds.
  • Some students in the middle school are doing yoga twice a week as a part of the Spartans in Motion (SIM) program.
  • And, as a part of the Mindful City program, yoga and mindfulness classes are being offered to faculty and staff after school.