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Bill Clark

Bill Clark When not teaching, Bill enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, and bicycling. He particularly appreciates the time when the trails open and he can hike with his Australian Shepherd, Ebby. Bill began a doctoral program in Educational Leadership as part of the 2013 cohort at UVM and he plans to write his dissertation about teaching ELL students.

Education and Professional Experiences
Bill Clark attended high school and college in New Jersey, moved to the Midwest and returned to New England for graduate work at Boston University and Northeastern University. As a freelance writer for over 25 years, Bill worked for computer and technical firms (Digital Equipment, IBM, and GE Healthcare) before completing a MAT degree at the University of Vermont in 2009, with an endorsement for teaching English Language Learners from St. Michael’s College. Bill began teaching at Winooski schools in 2009.

The diversity of the Winooski schools and the commitment of Winooski teachers attracted me from the start of my pre-service teaching,” said Bill. “There are so many interesting stories of struggle and achievement in our community and I keep learning more every day about our students.

What has been your greatest learning experience? (in or out of school)
When I was teaching in middle school, we developed a unit in which students created digital stories. The stories were touching and very personal, and it has been wonderful watching those students grow as they moved into high school. That project led to extensive collaboration with UVM students and professors and a co-written chapter in “English Learner Instruction through Collaboration and Inquiry in Teacher Education” (2013: Information Age Publishing). That initial learning experience began small, then grew substantially, and led me to the work I”m doing today.

Who do you admire and why?
I am very interested in the components of effective management. My reading has led me to books about leaders such as Phil Jackson, Stanley McChrystal, and Colin Powell. Their stories of creating personal, effective connections with peers and subordinates have motivated me to reach out more and express myself in totally different ways.

What do you love about your current WSD position and the WSD community?
I have the privilege of working with a strong, collaborative group of colleagues who are equally dedicated to our students. We go through an amazing process of discussing student needs and trying our best to meet them on a daily basis.