Winooski School District

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Chanefer Nheb

This morning’s WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
Chanefer Nheb
Nominated by Brent Litterer
For the EOWC GX

Chanefer Nheb demonstrated excellent story telling skills in the Senior Seminar class. Specifically, Chanefer told a story that both entertained and taught a lesson. Her story was well organized, with an effective hook and memorable conclusion. Through practice and preparation, Chanefer’s presentation was memorized, allowing her to tell her story with confidence and enthusiasm. Chanefer deserves the belt.

And so it is that today, Chanefer earns the GX Champ belt, and will display it with pride on the high school trip to Boston! Congratulations Chanefer! And to all students, keep working hard on your GX skills!