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Colton Lavalette

Today’s GX Champ of the Day is….
Colton Lavalette
Nominated by Kimberly Fankhauser
For the CTPS GX
In the dimension of Analysis

While working with Colton in the ILAB as he was preparing for the ILAB Share-It Day, I was amazed at how Colton applied critical thinking skills to his project of discovering the grammatical and syntactical rules of foreign languages. He has approached other languages as one would a complex puzzle, looking for the linguistic parameters, the similarities and differences, and enjoyed the challenges of analyzing languages such as Polish and Gaelic.

Congratulations Colton! And, to all students: continue to apply your CTPS and EOWC skills in all you do! You”re helping to redesign learning at our school, and throughout the State of VT!