Winooski School District

Mostly Cloudy, and 72 °F | May 1st: Green Day

Colton Lavallette

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
Colton Lavallette
Nominated by Lucas Dunn
For the CTPS GX
In the dimension of Investigation

Colton has spent the past two years exploring nine languages. He has “beat” Duolingo in four languages. That means thousands of translated sentences, dictations with silent letters, and application of countless grammatical rules. He has doubtless made countless mistakes, analyzed them, and applied what he learned to progress.

On Friday, he will reach 150 days in a row using Duolingo, a feat which takes consistent practice over weekends and vacations along with hours of self-driven work, every minute of which is defined by a clear demonstration of all the skills of a critical thinker and problem solver. It has been said that you can never understand one language until you understand at least two. Colton is on his way to four. And counting.