Winooski School District

Light Rain, and 36 °F | Feb 26th: No School

Dress for Winter!

As winter sets in, we want to remind students and families to dress well for the wet and cold weather. Whether you and your child are dressing for the walk to and from school, or your child is preparing for outdoor Recess or SIM activities during the school day, here are some points to consider.

  1. Bundle Up. Be sure to always wear a warm jacket. The more insulation you have, the warmer you will be. If your jacket is thin, wear a warm sweatshirt, fleece or sweater underneath. Include snowpants when you know you will be spending time being active outside during the day.
  2. Stay Dry. To keep feet and hands dry, wear waterproof boots and mittens or gloves. If your child tends to get his/her clothing wet, consider packing an extra pair of socks or other clothing.
    Did you know that when cotton gets wet, it conducts heat away from the body at a much more rapid rate than other fabrics? Anything that can dampen your clothes, such as perspiration, snow, or falling in the water, can cause cotton to start robbing you of heat fast. Try wearing wool or other fabric that will wick moisture away from your skin.
  3. Cover all exposed skin. Body heat will be lost through any place where skin is exposed to the cold. Wearing a hat and scarf will conserve heat around the head and neck.

We welcome donations of new or gently used outdoor gear for all of our students in all of our grades. We currently have an urgent need for new or gently used, WATERPROOF, gloves or mittens. Due to health concerns, the only hats we can accept are new with tags. If you have any items to donate, bring them by the school or contact the Wellness Coordinator, Jaycie Puttlitz (email: