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Communications Class

The following students have been recognized today by their teacher for being a Champ in a dimension of one of the GXs:

  • Connor Drown
  • Lai Lar
  • Fartun Mohamed
  • Santi Subedi
  • Ledania Taylor
  • Nathalie Bray
  • Anthony Jones
  • Micheala Metivier
  • AJ Priebe-Carter

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
The , named above
Nominated by Courtney Poquette
For the EOWC GX
In the dimension of Speech Presentation

Today was the first Effective Communications class in three years where EVERY student performed a well thought out and rehearsed speech at a VERY high standard. All students came to class prepared and were enthusiastic about presenting. We lost track of time because the speeches were all so engaging and the audience was on the edge of their seats. Students presented personal action speeches about a wide range of activities from PeaceJam to Curling. I really admire this group for these amazing presentations then helping one another with positive feedback and critiques. I can not pick one student who stood out among the rest and for that they are all being recognized as the first class of GX Champions!