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Alumni Profile Submission

Please provide the following information to be displayed on the Winooski School District website. This information will provide current students and community members motivation and inspiration to proudly graduation from our schools.

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How many years did you attend Winooski schools?

Were there any adults in the Winooski schools that had a really positive impact on you? (teachers, coaches, etc.)

What was your favorite learning experience during your time in the Winooski schools?

Did you feel prepared for college? work/career?

Where do/did you got to college? What did you study? Degree?

Where do you work? Title/Position? What do you do (job responsibilities)?

What advice would you give Winooski high school students about college and career if you knew then what you know now?

What other activities were you involved in during college? Did you try anything new? What did you learn about yourself in college?

Did you study abroad, travel or have any other experiences since graduating that you would like to share?

Please submit at least one photo to accompany your Alumni Profile: