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Friday October 14th Letter

Friday October 14, 2016

Dear Families,

Even in a short week, students and staff get a lot done at JFK!

Thursday and Friday Bill Feeley from Teachers Development Group was at JFK. TDG is based in Portland, Oregon and focuses on Math Professional Development for educators. Bill worked with a cohort of educators over the past three years, and this week started his work with a new cohort of 14 educators.  This is the beginning of a three year cycle with the new cohort where the educators get to learn about and improve their math practice. At JFK we are focusing on students’ understanding of math concepts and knowledge of mathematical ideas.  Bill works directly with our math coach, Stefanie Hamble, and our math teacher, Mag Thomas, and myself to ensure that high quality math instruction continues between each of his visits.

October 31st we will have an author visit . Ammi-Joan Paquette will be doing two presentations. She present to K-2 at 8:45am, and 9:45 for 3-5. Both presentations will take place in the PAC

Wednesday, October 19th is an early release. All students must be picked up at 12:15 unless they had signed up for an after school activity. Confirmations for students that are signed up for after school activity went home today or Monday.

Thursday, October 20th is picture retake day. If you want your students picture retaken,  you must return the original package with your student on the 20th.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

Sara Raabe

JFK Principal