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Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, September 9, 2016

Dear Families,

It is amazing all that can happen in only a four day week. JFK continues to be a busy and engaging learning environment.

We had our first staff meeting this past week.  During this meeting, Jaycie Puttlitz, our WSD Wellness Coordinator, and Mick Muscat, our WSD Head of Facilities, rolled out the classroom composting plan.  Vermont Act 148 says that everyone in Vermont must compost their food waste by 2020. Last year we started composting in our cafeteria. This year, the JFK students will also be composting their snack food waste in the classroom.  Jaycie and Mick are working with our staff to perfect our new system. Be sure to ask your student about how they are doing this in their classroom(s).

Next week is our first early release day. On Wednesday, September 14th, all Kindergarten – 12th-grade students will be dismissed at 12:15. Part of the 21C after school flyer that went home last week was about offerings for students on the early release days in September and October. Students need to sign up ahead of time to participate in these offerings. If you did not sign your student(s) up for an early release activity, then you will need to pick up your student at 12:15. There is vital learning that happens in each room between 8:00am and 12:15pm on the early release days, so it is important that your student(s) come to school these days.

I have had multiple adults stop me to compliment our students in the past two weeks. So many people are impressed with our students’ behavior and engagement this year. It really has been a fantastic start to the year. Give your student(s) an extra hug tonight for all of their hard work during these first two weeks of school – they earned it!


Sara Raabe

JFK Principal