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Frozen Water Lines



February 20, 2015


Frozen Water Lines

Due to the extended period of cold weather experienced this winter, the frost has reached a depth that may impact your water service line. Along with many cities across the state, the City of Winooski has had many service lines freeze.

As a result, the City is asking every resident and business connected to the City water system to run a pencil width stream of water from one faucet within their home or business.

This water stream should allow enough water to pass through the service line, preventing it from freezing. The City will provide notice when this will no longer be required via the City’s website and other media resources. This will not be a short term situation and may last until mid-April.

The next water/sewer billing will be adjusted based on last year’s same period usage.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this notice or your water service line please contact City Hall at 655-6410.