Winooski School District

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International Walk-to-School Day is October 8th

IMG_1925Students and teachers of the Winooski School District will be walking to school on Wednesday, October 8, to recognize our students being healthy and active on International Walk-to-School Day. More information can be found in the walk-to-school day information sheet here.

Additionally, to celebrate JFK’s partnership with Vermont Safe Routes to School, we will be giving souvenirs to the elementary school participants walking to school with us.

Start a conversation with your students and children about walking and biking to school safely.

If you are a teacher or parent who would like to talk with students or your children about pedestrian safety, this resource from Pedestrian Safer Journey is a great place to start. It consists of three very brief videos””one for each of three age groups: 5-9, 10-14, and 15-18 years of age””as well as quizzes or discussions and an educator’s resource library. The age-appropriate videos can be used in a classroom or one-on-one.

Additionally, the National Center for Safe Routes to School offers these Tips for Walking Safely to School.