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J.F.K. Guidance Program


Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about the Guidance Program at J.F.K. Elementary School.

The program is broken into two components:  direct and indirect services.  Please read below for more information about available services, and the person who provides those services.


Direct Services:

Direct services are in-person interactions between the Guidance Counselor and student(s).  Direct services include classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual student planning, as well as responsive services.

  • Classroom guidance lessons:  Classroom guidance lessons will be taught as part of the Unified Arts (U.A.) Schedule.  Students who have guidance class as part of their U.A. schedule will spend 45 minutes per week with the guidance counselor learning about and developing a wide range of social and communication skills, as well as self regulation skills.
  • Small group counseling:  Small group counseling may occur based upon student need. The counseling groups may focus on topics of friendship, changing families, emotional regulation, and social skills.
  • Individual student planning:  Individual student planning includes targeted, goal focused and short term interventions on an as needed basis.


Indirect Services:

Indirect Services are provided on behalf of students as a result of the guidance counselor’s interactions with others. These interactions include referrals for additional assistances, consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers and other educators and community organizations.


J.F.K. Elementary School Guidance Counselor (Kindergarten – 5th grade): 

Sarah Murphy


Phone Number:  383 – 6064


About Mrs. Murphy:

This is my sixth year working as the Guidance Counselor at J.F.K.  Before working at J.F.K., I was the shared guidance counselor between Moretown and Fayston Elementary Schools in the Mad River Valley of Vermont, and interned at Milton Elementary School in Milton, Vermont.