Winooski School District

Fair, and 16 °F | Jan 18th: Green Day

Madi, Penny, Logan & Azee

Our WMHS GX Champ of the Day is…
Madi King, Logan Stone, Penny Ly, and Azee Zar
Nominated by Leon Wheeler
For the CTPS GX
In the dimension of Findings

Led by Madi King and a letter she wrote to the school administration yesterday, this group of middle school students investigated the purpose and process of Expo Week with me, and then worked together to craft a clear and positive message that was shared with the entire middle level staff and student body. Their solution included both the letter that was shared, and an offer to answer any student and staff questions so Expo Week will be the GX celebration of learning that is intended. Madi’s decision to find out the real story and then figure out how to fix it also provides a model for adults in our community: working together we can solve any problem. Thank you for being leaders in our middle high school! Your “can do” mindset is inspiring!

Congratulations and Thank You Madi, Penny, Logan, and Azee!