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High/Middle School

Welcome to Winooski Middle and High School. Our administrative team is excited to join students, staff members, parents, and community partners to prepare Winooski students for their futures.

Welcome Back Letter 2017-18

Our school is amidst an exciting time of remodeling. Just as one may update a historic New England home with “good bones” to be more efficient and equipped with modern conveniences, WMHS is examining what works and what may have outlived its usefulness inside our school. The Graduate Expectations (GXs), spearheaded by the Burlington/Winooski Partnership for Change and with input from throughout our community, is like a blueprint for this project: to make our school a place where students are compelled to be their best, are recognized for their strengths, and are highly prepared to make their way in an ever changing world.

Any remodeling effort will take time. We anticipate the GXs and additional plans will engage us in rich conversation and reflection throughout the year. We are looking forward to these dynamic discussions to make WMHS an even better place to learn.

School Staff
Name Phone Email
Kate Grodin
- WMHS Co-Principal
Leon Wheeler
- WMHS Co-Principal
Elizabeth Dubuc
- WMHS Admin Asst.
Masiti Mohamed
- Registrar
Karen Greene
- WMHS Student Services Asst.
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