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Partnership for Change

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Since 2011, the communities of Winooski and Burlington have been engaged in a conversation about how to “remodel” our education system for the needs and demands of 21st century life. Our goals are clear: to shape a hopeful and prosperous future for our two communities, and to ensure that all young people in Winooski and Burlington have the knowledge, skills, and habits they need to thrive in a complex, global society.

What is the Partnership for Change?

To support the work of remodeling our education system, the Winooski and Burlington school districts created the Partnership for Change. A research and innovation arm of the two districts, the Partnership serves as a bridge between the districts, an incubator of ideas, a dissemination of best practices, and a convener of community conversations.

A generous grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation has enabled us to jump-start this work. These resources will allow us to do much more than would otherwise be possible and to do it much more quickly.

The Partnership shares a common vision with Winooski and Burlington Schools:

We will create innovative, collaborative, and equitable learning organizations that inspire all learners to lead their communities to a dynamic and sustainable future.

Learn More

Explore the documents and links below for more information about the Partnership for Change and the work being done to remodel education in Winooski and Burlington:

The Explainer – A 12-page document that explains why and how Winooski and Burlington are remodeling the public education system. (Suggested audience: all)

Work Plan – An in-depth plan for the school change work in Winooski and Burlington, including major objectives and milestones, key activities, and timelines. (Suggested audience: educators, parents, community partners)

Logic Model – A tool that illustrates the relationships between our vision, target population, assumptions, strategies and activities, outcomes, and impacts. (Suggested audience: all)

2014-15 Budget – A spreadsheet detailing the Partnership’s budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year. (Suggested audience: educators, parents, community partners)

Family-School Communication Study – A research study that evaluates the effectiveness of family-school communication in Winooski and Burlington and makes recommendations for improving communication so that all parents and guardians can be fully engaged in their children’s education. (Suggested audience: parents, educators)

Our Blog – A collection of journal entries and articles about our recent learning and progress on the way to a redesigned school system. (Suggested audience: all)

Our Progress – A gallery of the numerous new approaches to teaching and learning that are already emerging in our schools. (Suggested audience: all)

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