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Mike Decarreau


How many years did you attend Winooski schools?
7 years. I attended St Francis School for grades 1-5  and grades 6 ““ 12 at JFK/WHS

Were there any adults in the Winooski schools that had a really positive impact on you? (teachers, coaches, etc.)
Mrs Leary and Mr Stone, English and Science respectively, for being the two teachers that pushed us so hard to be better students. It was with these teachers that I began to learn how to study and would soon find that I would have to get much better at it.

What was your favorite learning experience during your time in the Winooski schools?
In hindsight, it had to be the move from St Francis to the Winooski schools. I believe that this move made me more tolerant and accepting of a much wider variety of viewpoints and personalities.

Did you feel prepared for college? Work/career?
I was not prepared, coming out of the Winooski schools, for the large class sizes in college nor was I fully prepared for the academic workload required. I did learn HOW to study eventually. A college course in the High School curriculum for college-bound students should be mandatory to start to prepare our students for both of these issues.

I feel I was fully prepared for work life as I had a very strong work ethic instilled in me from the time I was very young.

Where do/did you go to college? What did you study? Degree?
I graduated from UVM some time ago (?) with a B.S. in Business.

Where do you work? Title/Position? What do you do (job responsibilities)?
I am employed by IBM in the Outbound Supply Chain as an interface to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) clients. My main role is to match our clients” needs to our manufacturing capability and to communicate the issues to both the client and our internal IBM team.

What advice would you give Winooski high school students about college and career if you knew then what you know now?
For college bound students, learn HOW to study in High School. The WHAT will keep changing through your life. For both college and career, be tolerant of differing viewpoints as some of your best learning will come from very unexpected sources. Be open.

What other activities were you involved in during college?  Did you try anything new?  What did you learn about yourself in college?
Unfortunately I did not get involved with different groups or clubs and looking back that would have been a positive addition to my experience.

What did I learn about myself in college…… An awful lot. You tend to feel , coming out of high school, that you are mature and ready to take on the world. Real growth begins when you make your own decisions and work through the consequences of those decisions.  Be wise.

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?
Still paying off college tuition for our kids and beginning to ponder life after work.