Winooski School District

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After School Program – Middle/High


WMS/WHS After School Program Offerings
Session I September 7th – October 23, 2015
All programs meet 3-4pm unless otherwise noted.



Academic Support (for grades 9-12) Ms. Houghton
Tutor Coordinator will be available to offer structured support to students.
Room 209


(No Program on 10/13)

Paper Creations (for grades 6-8) Ms. Mosehauer During this class we will explore a variety of ways to be creative with paper: folding, cutting, weaving, gluing, and more!  We will work together to design and build several pieces and to learn some basic skills in the art of paper crafting.  Come prepared to be creative and willing to think outside the box!
Room 102

Community Service Opportunity (for grades 9-12)
We are looking for two committed high school students to help support our soccer program for 2nd-5th graders held on Tuesday from 3-4 (for boys) and Thursday (3-4) for girls.  If interested, please see Suzanne Skaflestad in the middle/high school office.  Any interested student will need to provide Ms. Suzanne with two references from school staff.

Math Core Support (for grades 9-12) Ms. Mason
Come enjoy the new math lab and receive support in Math:  IMP 1, IMP 3, Foundations of Algebra and Intermediate Math.
Room 208

Math Core Support (for grades 9-12) Ms. Mellen
Math Support with Mrs. Mellen provides a time for you to work on strategies that will facilitate and enhance your understanding of math concepts, specifically in the content areas of IMP-2, Pre-calculus, and Calculus.  Please plan to attend!
Room 206

Science Core Support (for grades 9-12) Ms. Bundy
This time is dedicated for you to get more individualized support in your science learning and to provide a place for you to do independent science work.  Plan to join Ms. Bundy every Tuesday afternoon to get your questions answered, receive extra help, or for a quiet place to work on science.
Room 201



Academic Support (for grades 9-12) Ms. Houghton
Tutor Coordinator will be available to offer structured support to students.
Room 209


Baking Desserts with Vegetables (for grades 6-8) Ms. Wolinsky
Are you always being told to “eat your vegetables”? Come check out Mrs. Wolinsky’s ‘Baking Desserts with Vegetables” class! We’ll be learning how to incorporate valuable nutrition into easy and delicious desserts! Come learn some ways to make eating those vegetables a little bit sweeter. We’ll be making these desserts using all natural ingredients–cocoa, nuts and seeds, dates, honey, and even sugar-free stevia-based recipes! Come have some fun!
Room 214

Woodworking (for grades 6-8) Ms. Knowlton
Do you like to create things with your own two hands?  Come try out our woodworking class!  We will walk you through how to build your choice of five (new!) projects while showing you how to use tools like handsaws, tape measures, hammers, and hand planes.  After you complete your 1st project you can move onto new projects.  There are no power tools in this class, and no experience is necessary.

Learn more about us at:

Technology Core Support (for grades 9-12) Ms. Poquette
Do you want to be able to type as fast as you think? Do you want help with your business simulations, applying for a job, or organizing your digital work?  Come to room 211 for time to work independently or to receive one-on-one support.
Room 211


JiuJitsu (for grades 6-12) Ms. Keller
Learn JiuJitsu from Sensei Quinlan!  JuiJitsu is a martial art that is a safe form of competition, an excellent workout, a method of self-defense, and perfect for students of all ages and abilities!  It primarily involves grappling rather than striking.  All students who actively train in the afterschool JiuJitsu program will have the opportunity to attend and/or participate in (free of charge) the Vermont Open Grappling Competition–a major JiuJitsu tournament to be held at our school on Saturday, October 24th for martial artists of all ages and experience.  Space in this program is limited to 20 students.   Uniforms and belts are provided. Sign-up soon!