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The Winooski School District Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is committed to enriching the educational and social experience of Winooski students and the community.



The Winooski PTO is a group of parents, teachers and community members all working together for ALL of our children – PreK through twelfth grade. We hope you will join us this year to make school a better place for all children.

Studies have shown that when parent stay involved in their children’s education experiences, be it first grade or twelfth, their children are more successful in their school career. It gives each child a strong positive message to know there are people in the community who are committed to helping make their school more enriching. The Winooski PTO will continue with the mission of volunteering to ensure that each student, teacher and the facility of the Winooski School District is provided with an enriched learning environment for all.

This wonderful organization has done some amazing things for our school district: provided each grade level with end-of-year field trips, fun fairs, yearbooks, a new sound system in the PAC, gym and cafeteria, and scholarships for graduating seniors.

Please consider being a part of a very committed group of volunteers! The Winooski PTO will continue to meet every third Wednesday of the month (except December) in the library from 5:30-7:30pm. Attending PTO meetings is a great way to keep informed of school activities and events and a great way to get to meet and know other parents. If you cannot attend a meeting but want to stay informed, you can join our email list or view our monthly meeting minutes below.

~The Winooski PTO~

We appreciate and welcome your involvement!


Winooski PTO By-Laws

Winooski PTO Meeting Minutes