Winooski School District

Light Snow, and 33 °F | Feb 26th: No School

Richard Booher

Our WMHS GX Champ …
Nominated by Dave Couture
For the Well Being GX
In the dimension of Growth
Is… Richard Booher

Mr. Couture wrote:
As the school year has progressed Richard has increased his level of commitment to ensure every family in our community has access to items provided by the Food Bank. We have observed Richard increase his ability to be selfless and support his community in a manner that is admirable for all students in our school. His infectious positive attitude combined with his passion for serving the needs of others is a reminder to our community that we are all in this together. For these reasons Richard is being nominated as a GX Champ in Well Being, in the dimension of Growth.

Congratulations, Richard, our GX Champ today. And to all, let’s make this a great day as the first week of Spring begins!